Boss Alloy Towers










Our towers come in two widths


 850mm (Single Platform)

1450mm(Double Platform)


3 x Deck Lengths


1.8m , 2.5m , 3.2m




Please speak to one of our advisors to discuss your requirements



Need your Tower Erecting ?


Let our fully qualified (Pasma) team erect yours for you.





Stagings (LWS), are designed, tested and approved to BS 2037 Class 1. Stagings can provide an uninterrupted working platformthat can span upto 6.1m without intermediate support.


  • Lightweight Construction
  • Full Handrail System Available
  • 450mm wide, with Plywood Decking





Superboards offer stability & rigidity over a wider workspace than stagings.Optional extra's, such as toeboards & guardrails make this this an ideal working platform.


  • Full Handrail System Available
  • Can be used with Alloy Towers
  • 600mm Wide, with plywood Decking